Looking For Job Online ? Read How You Get it Quickly.

The internet is a great resource for job seekers, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you approach it without a gameplan. Your best way to find a job online is to boost your online presence by creating a professional website and/or LinkedIn profile. Look for job listings posted on a variety of sites from alumni organizations to generic employment boards. When you find a job that appeals to you, act fast and put in a professional application with strong supporting materials.

This article discusses the following info :

  • Create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Remove or bury any negative search engine hits.
  • Remove any negative information about yourself on social media.
  • Adjust your social media settings to "Private".

Create a LinkedIn profile. This is one of the main social networking sites used by employers looking for future employees. Crafting a profile is relatively easy and LinkedIn provides online instructions and prompts to help users. After you’ve filled out your profile, start to send out connection invitations to friends, family, and professional associates. You can also ask your LinkedIn connections to introduce you to other people, which will expand your potential job pool even more.
  • It’s important that your profile be 100% complete. Spend some time filling out all of the website questionnaires and uploading any professional documents that you have available. Every time that you make a major update to your resume, go ahead and upload the new document to your page.
  • As you see who is viewing your LinkedIn page, don’t be afraid to reach out to them for advice or assistance. This is how many online connections are made.
  • ZoomInfo is another site that can be beneficial for an online job search. If you create an account, it will give you access to updated contact information for companies.
Remove or bury any negative search engine hits. Enter your full name and initials into various search engines to see what they pull up. Many potential employers will do this as well, so it’s a great way to determine what they may be seeing. Make note of any negative hits, so that you can work to remove or bury them. The best way to do this is to post additional positive news about yourself on social media or other website and then wait for it to get hits.
  • If you don’t pull up at all on search engines, this can also be a problem. Keep monitoring these searches as you add your resume to job search sites.
Remove any negative information about yourself on social media. Open up each of the social media sites, such as Facebook, and work your way through your profile from top to bottom. Delete anything that is even borderline unprofessional.
Adjust your social media settings to "Private". Open the "Settings" menu of each of your social media profiles. Move any privacy options to "Private" or "Not Public". This will limit the amount of personal information that is available about you online.